Sunday, June 15, 2008

KLCC night shot after 8pm. Without tripod…

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here is some of my noob shot… haih… low light wrong setting I guess… FAILED…

Here are some of the crazy photographer during the event… with big gun…

After the runway show… hmm…

Result after more than hundred camera flashing and snapping her picture… eventfully she went crazy after that… she try to bite her friend and her friend try hard to dodge… ( no cat fight too bad… else more picture… ).

Thats all for the event… poor skill need to learn some from sifu…

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Continue from part 1, here are some of the photos when Fahrenheit arrived. I couldn’t get a nice shot from the stage due to the crazy fanz, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!! I thought all photographer got the previllage to stay inside the area after the photographing talk. Only the media press allow to go in…

Here some of the photo I got…. Enjoy…

Crazy fanz….



I don’t know their name so you guys figure it out… lucky I still able to capture some near shot… MISSION COMPLETE!!! not that nice but consider pakai only lo…

This is the only angle I took on stage… haih… I ask the security borrow his tag go in can ar? he reply me if only i trade with my camera… Then i reply him FOR WHAT I GO IN WITHOUT MY CAMERA!!! I”M NOT CRAZY FOR TAIWANESE BOY BAND!!! go through all this just to fill up my blog to share among all…

They ciaoz… Damn they really in a hurry… most of my burst shot FAILED cause too many pushing!!! DAMN CRAZY FANz… if my camera drop I AK-47 YOU ALL!!! argh…

From NTV7 anchorwomen, signing autograph for her fanz… she looks pretty in real person.

Thats all for the part 2 EOS world photo session… coming up part 3 are some model ( HOT CHICK ) runway pictures…

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Noob shot during the Canon EOS world events.

Overall layout of the event.

Bazooka testing area… bazookL lens with 40D and 5D.

Macro Lens testing area… shotting some bugs (Fake Bugs).

Something that I don’t have…

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

FOR THOSE CANON USER GREAT NEWS!!! There is this Canon EOS event coming KLCC 30 May to 2nd June. This event include many interesting programs for those who carry their Canon camera along. Not sure about they dig compact camera or not but It seem that DSLR is THE ONE. Heard there will be free service for any Canon DSLR camera. Anyway I’m going to be there, see you guys there then!!!

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Last Saturday 17th May there was this TVBS thinggy about Junior Idol kind of contest launching day event over Pavilion. So went in and check out. The event start around 2pm and there artist from Hong Kong came by. Well I don’t really watch Hong Kong drama or listen to chinese song… But at least I know who is Gary and Yong Si kei HAHAHA… the rest I have no idea….

So here are some of the photo I took during the event. Sorry for the poor noob shot… By the way… crowed there hard to take picture… need to learn more.

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